Tester Spotlight

Its no secret that we would be nowhere without the amazing work of our testers. With every stitch and seam, they breathe life into our designs, meticulously scrutinising every detail to guarantee quality and functionality. Their keen eyes catch the nuances that make all the difference, from fit adjustments to clarity in instructions, making each pattern the best it can be.
As we celebrate our achievements, we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on them and their work.

I've invited them to share their first, most recent, and favourite WS sews, alongside insights into why they sew and the things they like to sew. Additionally, I've included their Instagram pages to showcase their other remarkable creations.

Kayla Stewart 

I sew because I can make a custom fit for myself and my family, for both style and fit. I sew because I have a hard time finding styles that I truly love at stores. I sew because it feeds my creative soul. I sew things mainly Vintage inspired and I love sewing costumes and dress up for my kids!

Mai Ahn Tr 

There were quite a few reasons why I started to sew but the main reasons was because Clara my daughter was very sensitive, so I sew for her with good quality cotton fabric and enclosed all seams so she feel comfortable. I like to sew dresses, of course. 

Virginie Capitaine 

From mommade_couture

My name is Virginie, I am French, mother of 2 children and I will soon be 44 years old. I have always loved everything related to creation, my fingers need to touch, to make! I started sewing clothes when my son was born, 14 years ago and with the arrival of my daughter 10 years ago it became an addiction! It would take an entire book to list everything that I like about sewing, but what I like about WS patterns are the original models, the new techniques that allow me to progress. Since I discovered the brand, I haven't missed many models! my story here began exactly 1 year ago, with a request for a test on Instagram for the Acacia dress, my latest creation is Forsythia. I wasn't able to choose my favourite (I love them all!) so I asked my daughter. For her, wisteria wins. I am delighted to see the popularity of WS growing and wish it a long existence.

Acacia, Forsythia, Wisteria

Evie Chen 

From evie.late.summer

I've been crafting since I was little, but my journey into sewing really began when my second daughter was born and I started buying her handmade clothes. I'm entirely self-taught, with YouTube as my best teacher. I love learning new techniques and tips, and seeing the final results on my girls brings me so much joy. Sewing allows me to capture precious moments with them through my creations.

Peppermint, Forsythia, Wisteria

Sophie Magico 

From sewmuch_better

I am Sophie, and live in Vienna. A nail tech by day and sewist every single minute I get 😅 I love sewing for my almost 8 year old daughter but sneak occasional selfish sews in.

Jessica Lynn 

From mcmamamade

Other than making a few curtains and baby burp cloths, I didn’t start sewing in earnest until just a few years ago when I had my daughters. I love vintage styles and wanted to try my hand at creating those styles with a modern twist! Since then I’ve learned so much about garment construction, fitting, and styling. But I truly love keeping my hands busy with hand embroidery. It adds such a unique touch to each outfit and I love that I can work on it anywhere!

Marki Taliana

From sewimlearning

I enjoying sewing as it’s a relaxing way to strength my positive mental health. I have been sewing for a few years for my children and a little bit myself and enjoy testing patterns as they help me make decisions faster when it comes to choosing a matching fabrics.

Anemone, Iris, Wisteria

Christina Armstrong

I'm Christina!  I'm a homeschooling momma of 3, living in Florida with my 2 youngest and my husband. I started sewing in earnest when my oldest daughter was about 2...I was in love with all the beautiful fabrics available.  After lots of trial and error, online videos, and advice from experienced sewists, I opened a small online shop almost 3 years ago.  I enjoy the design process behind each piece and the creative outlet sewing allows...and seeing the excitement and joy in my girls when they get something made just for them!

Kara Doiron

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 4 and my mother sewed me and my sister dresses growing up so I've always done a bit of sewing here and there but when I had my daughter I realized all the cute things I could make for her and I started sewing more and more and realized how much I love it! My favourite things to sew are super frilly dresses or vintage boy clothes!

Kimberly Waddel 

From mk_waddell

I was first introduced to the world of sewing when a new family joined our church congregation and their little girl had the most beautiful dresses. We quickly became friends and she taught me to sew. I started sewing cute little dresses and have since expanded my skill to just about anything. My favorite thing to sew is swimwear!

Anna Buder

From buderbabies

I am a homeschooling stay at home mom of 4, so sewing time is my 'ME' time. It helps me decompress and center my energy. I began sewing when I was a little kid. I mostly made dolls, doll clothes, quilts, blankets, and pillows. Once I became an adult, I got too busy with everyday activities that I stopped sewing.  It wasn't until my grandma (who used to make quilts and donate them up until she was in her 80s) passed in 2019 that i began to sew again in her memory. That is also when I first began to sew clothing and fell in love with it. Now I primarily sew clothing, dolls, and doll clothes for my friends and family.

Maple, Baby Tulip, Zinnia

Chandy Mueller 

From chandyscozycreations 

I sew because it gives me a creative outlet and is how I de-stress at the end of the day. I love sewing new patterns that have new to me skills. But sometimes I just sew an easy shirt to feel accomplished for the day.

Garden Blossom Bow, Garden Bouquet Embroidery, Palmetto, Wisteria

LaKendria Gadson

From gbabiesboutique

My first EVER make was the Garance skirt for my littles. My most favorite was hard to pick but I'd say the Amahle dress. My most recent make was also another favorite and it is the baby Ginger romper. It's so fun to see the progress and also my children's growth over the years using Wild Seeds Patterns.

Garance, Ginger, Amahle

Naomi Rudonovic

From nay.louise24

I started sewing and continue to sew because my daughters and I don't really like the clothes available locally. We want bright, comfortable, natural fibre clothing that suits our personalities. My favourite thing to sew is anything my daughters have dreamed up and all their wild requests.

Sherrel Williams 

from eliza.and.company

My interest in sewing started with watching my great-grandmother sewing in her room. I was never allowed in there and she never sewed me anything lol but I was fascinated. Fast forward to when Covid hit and my husband lost his job we couldn’t afford to buy quality clothing for our little ones. That’s when I turned to sewing. Winter of ‘22 I learned to self draft clothing for my kiddos from YouTube. July of ‘23 I finally learned how to read and sew from a pattern through pattern testing for WS. Now, Spring of ‘24 I’m able to grow my passion of sewing into a business of handcrafting clothes for children. My clothing line is full of simple, classic and functional pieces and that’s what I love to sew the most!

Maple, ThistleForsythia


Eva Sharplin

From evabeyond_creations

My love for sewing was inspired by watching my Mum sew on her Singer treadle sewing machine when I was a child. I love beautiful fabrics and I particularly love sewing for girls and babies.


Laura Vargas Hidalgo 

From evo_by_lau

Sanna Hakamäki 

From Verhonen

Sewing is my way to relax and use creativity. A moment of your own time in the busy everyday life of a large family. I sew clothes mainly for my children. Girls can never have too many dresses, right? My first ws make was Maple dress For my 6 year old. My favorite one is not an easy pick but I think it’s also a Maple dress but for my 9 year old. And my latest is Forsythia for my 9 year old.

Maple, Forsythia

Malene Gajhede Karlsen 

From migmalene

I love to sew because it gives me an opportunity to be creative and lean new skills. I have autism and ADHD and sewing helps me when I have a bad day.

Heather, Elowen, Daphne

 Alice Morgan 

From outfitting_the_gods

I started to sew because my eldest is a string bean of a child - tall and thin. Then my third was a petite little dear. Now they all get items to suit their personalities, they can match- but be individual- for things like Easter and Christmas, and they all have things that no-one else will ever have! They love that I can whip something up quickly for them if necessary, and they love telling their friends that their mum made their out.

Kristen Mikaela Tapper

From kikkis.syhorna

I started to sew when I was expecting my firstborn. And from then i was hooked. Selftaught from youtube and so on😜... I love sewing and pattern testing because it gives my mind some peace. Everything else around me goes away when I focus on sewing. And its such a great feeling to make your own cloths for your kids and also myself. My favourite fabric to sew with must be french terry. But I love all kinds of fabric (fabric horder) 😅 Love to challenge my self to test new techniques! My first pattern i made for WS must have been the Hyacinth coat that i made in wool fabric. It was a fun and actually quite easy make that was so gorgeous on my daughter. It must be my absolute favourite of all makes. I just love it! My most recent make for WS is the Forsythia. I love all the details and options. Cant wait to sew the dress version for summer. I love testing for WS because it shows that she love the patterns she creates, and that she give them a lot of thought to make them perfect. Details do matter.

Hyacinth, Forsythia


Kaleena Sullivan 

From kaleenasullivan

I love to sew clothes for my kids. Why? Because my 6 year old is a size 12 and buying age appropriate clothing is almost impossible.

Maple, Forsythia