Sewing Competition - Dye


I loved seeing everyones dyeing experiments turn into beautiful garments. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and inspire me with your creativity and talent! 

The winner of this months competition is the amazingly talented Annie Ledford-Lomeli. She is also a pattern designer and I am always gushing over her beautiful creations! 

Annie Ledford-Lomeli

"Tie dying is one of our favorite things to do. We typically do it a few times a year so this came at the perfect time! My daughter chose the colors for this and we kind of just winged it with the design.

 I decided on the new Cerise pattern as I thought is was the perfect option for this dye and I was completely inspired by Hydee's beautiful version she sewed up! I am in love with the bell sleeves! I was limited on fabric so I had to go with a simple circle skirt in vintage length instead of the gathered one but we are so happy with how it turned out!!"

Megan Turk 
"I had this crazy idea the other night that I wanted to try and naturally dye something with food! I first tried elderberries, but didn’t have very many so I couldn’t get a potent enough dye. Then we tried rose petals, but had the same issue. So then I remembered we had a bag of frozen blueberries and this cute dress was the result! I tried for a cool ombré look, but it didn’t really turn out. I’m not sure why some parts of the dress dyed a different color than others, but I really like it! And the Dahlia dress was the perfect canvas for my experimenting!"
Morgan Virginia
"Im convinced that Cerise transcends time.
A 1950s-esque bodice, sleeves right out of fairy tales...and with the right dye job & some peasant style hacking it can even shift forward to the 1960s. She's a princess & a flowerchild all at once!
This started as a 2 yard piece of solid white cotton. I ice dyed the fabric using icicles and snow from our recent winter storms and rit dye.
Then using Cerise as a starting point I cut the longest skirt length (size12), knowing I'd be adding a layer of lace and a ruffle at the bottom to extend to a maxi length, but only cut for a 3/4 circle instead of a full circle skirt and had to widen the waist circumference because of that. The sleeves started as the long bell, but the cotton cut at the shorter bell length & the lace cut to extend from there to the full length (I also put a tilt on them to give them hem a high low effect).
I'm completely smitten with how this came out, still my favorite bodice, but a whole new peasant style flowing dress!!!"
Noah Ruth 
"I modified this Lily in 6-9months to have three skirts, which I dyed at different concentrations to try to create an Ombre look. Then I dyed the bodice with an even lighter concentration.
I used all thrifted goods - purple dye, white cotton, an embroidered doily and vintage inspired button.
It's still a little big on our petite little three month old girl, but I've been using these monthly challenges to help push me to create some special pieces for her 6-9month wardrobe ready for our mild Winter days and I think this little Lily Dress will be perfect on her in a few more months paired with some sweet little white tights."
Falon Robinson
"For Mia and Scarlett I made Iris tops with the freesia hood and added cuffs and a waistband. The girls really enjoyed ice dying their tops and I'm pretty happy with the results as we've never done it before! I kinda want to ice dye everything now
and photo overload because these colours are just so pretty."
Naomi Radunovic
"Fabric dye > colouring fabric > fabric paint!
My girls love to show off their artwork to everyone and anyone who wants to see it, so why not wear it!? I used the beautiful new Cerise and let them paint a bodice piece each with fabric paint. The little ones is a Circle skirt(cut three sizes shorter to make it a tunic) and puff sleeves without the elastic. The bigger ones is the gathered skirt and puff sleeves, also shortened to tunic length. I used rainbow spotted bias tape instead of hemming. And, of course, rainbow snaps for the back."
Brittany Johnson
"Here's my February dye challenge submission! It's a Camelia made from Jersey fabric for added toddler comfort. Apparently it's really good for spinning and running in."
Suzanne Tatham
"Here is my February dye challenge submission. I took advantage of the snow outside and tried snow dying for the first time. I think she is happy with her new dress. Used Cerise for the first time and absolutely love this pattern."