May Sewing Competition - Colour Blocking

"Color-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. It is commonly associated in fashion as a trend that originated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian." WIkipedia
This months winner is Eva Sharplin 

"Pastel colour block influenced by Piet Mondrian, Lily dress hacked at the back for a full opening. Decisions, decisions just a frill or long sleeves- hmmm let’s have both!. Miss A was happy with all her favourite colours"

Gina Doubleday
"Im obsessed with how this Fancy Nancy inspired outfit turned out! 
The joy on her face when I finished it & she finally got to put it on was worth every second."
Lauren Williams
"My niece has been requesting a new rainbow dress for months since she’s grown out of her rainbow anemone - which was her favourite!"
Falon Robinson
"A rainbow colour block Iris dress for miss Scarlett."
Noah Ruth 
"We finally hit six months here and I am absolutely loving making our little girl lots of winter Lily Dresses! Although she still has a little bit more growing to do for the Orchid headband 🤣 I could not resist making some, and it is hands down the best pattern for quick sewing fix amongst my daily chaos.
I had so much fun sewing this dress and was inspired by the challenge of this months theme, colour blocking was not something I had ever tried or even thought of trying but now I want to colour block allllll the things!!!"
Carli Rooney 
"I had so much fun with this theme. Changed my too many times that I would like to admit. I used the Cerise dress with bell sleeves and circle skirt. Put piping on end of sleeves and top of front bodice. The bow is Apple Blossom."