Mary Sanderson by Estienne Carlson

“I suggest we form a calming circle.” — Mary Sanderson, Hocus Pocus
Patterns used: 
Corset: Camellia 
Blouse: Tulip 
Skirt: Zinnia
Winifred's right-hand witch always trying her best to calm down Winifred's rages. Her style is much more relaxed than her glamorous sisters, her dark twisted hair is her signature. She wears a maroon corseted vest with metal rings attached to the bottom over a voluminous orange blouse, a plaid skirt underneath a reddish-purple apron, and a red matching cloak. Mary has a habit of biting the left side of her lower lip, giving her face a lopsided look.
Photo from The Art of Disney Costuming
I used the bodice of the Camellia dress for Mary's corset.
I wanted to add a little bit of interest to her corset and painted a piece of lace with fabric paint to match the colour of the bodice 
To create the illusion of a lace up corset, I cut out an extra front bodice and cut a triangle out of the center front. On the bottom part, I added the lace and criss-cross velvet trim. I then edge stitched the extra Camellia over the bottom layer, leaving a triangle of the bottom part exposed. 
I coffee stained the plaid for an aged look. 
The hair was bit of a mission, I ended up using foil and a whole lot of bobby pins to create the look. Izabella nailed the lip-biting! 
I added gold hoops from the Macrame section to the ends of her corset.
Tulip was the perfect blouse pattern for the look. I elongated the ruffle of the hem slightly. 
I used one of Izabella's first Zinnia skirts and layered another plaid one over it. I made the plaid one a little shorter to expose more of the red skirt and left the edges ray and frayed.