March Sewing Competition - Whimsical Tea Party

Oh my word this months entries blew me away - so many gorgeous creations! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
The winner of this months competition is the incredibly talented Janice Guzman who made a very intricate and beautiful blue dress. 
"Every Spring I make my daughter something really special and this year we pick Camellia. I modified the neckline into a sweetheart neckline just for a change. I also added another strap that can be worn off or on the shoulder and added trims and beadings for that dainty look. I also change the straps and added loops so it can be tied back and adjusted to still fit her in a year or two. I also made fabric flowers to add to the bodice and embellished it with pearls and beads because I'm feeling extra." 
Pdf Dress Pattern
Amy Joyce 
"I made a Camellia dress and hacked the midi length skirt to be tiered and made the straps slightly thicker.
My daughter loved helping me with this little tea party set up and many sweet treats were eaten in the process!"
Morgan Virginia 
"When you can't look on the bright side, I'll sit with you in the dark."
"I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Mad Hatter. Alice in Wonderland as a whole, really, but especially the Mad Hatter! And we know all to well that we are all a little mad around here (at least in my house!)... I definitely questioned my sanity with this undertaking! Upsizing Cerise to a Juniors 2/4 with the a whole change in shape, needing darts, definitely wasnt an easy undertaking but I managed it somehow! But apparently that wasnt enough so satisfy my need for madness! We altered the neckline to a sweetheart and added a tulle off the shoulder drape, with a hemmed armskye since there was no sleeve to close it off, and added three layers of skirt (phew!)
Whimsical Garden Party isnt quite our nitsch, but Alice going a little Mad is. And since all of our tea pots and cups are already packed away, we borrowed our white rabbit from the Monty Python!"
Richelle Hernandez 
"Let them eat cake."🍰
"My daughter has been fascinated with Marie Antoinette since she watched an episode about her on Mr. Peabody and Sherman when she was younger, so naturally when a theme involves a tea party, we can't pass the chance to make a whimsical and historical ode to the queen. Reine has always wanted to dress like her. Coincidentally, #royalcore and #regencycore is making a lot of waves on the fashion scene. This was a super fun sew and shoot! We made everything from what we already had at home. Fabrics used for the dress and backdrops were already on my stash. We also made a fake cake using acrylic paints, Styrofoam and wall spackling. (I'll add my hack on the comments for anyone interested to make fake cakes.) We used the Cerise Dress as base and did some modifications. (I'll add the steps I did on the comment). I lined the fabric since it's a bit see through, added some length on the skirt so I can do a bigger hem, did a mega poufy lined sleeves, split the front bodice and added ruching on the middle panel and since Marie Antoinette loves her bows and ruffles, I added ruffles on the neckline and made a matching choker with bow. The hair is also super fun to make! There's some teasing and hair spray involved! There's 3 layers of hair donuts hiding there. We're both happy with the outcome and can finally say we can check the box of our photoshoot wish list for Marie Antoinette."
Andrea Oxford 
"I made my 18 month old daughter the Amaryllis blouse in lace and satin, the Primrose skirt is just a match made in heaven!"
Kimberly Waddell 
"Tried out my first primrose and it did not disappoint! This ombre rainbow tulle was a match made in heaven for it! I had to modify it slightly to keep the ombre effect - didn't do the ruffles on the fold so I did extra ruffle pieces on the top (6) and bottom (5) layers. I also added a gold elastic for the waist instead of the regular waistband. Was that ever A LOT of gathering, but it turned out so dreamy in the end!"
Cori Clemmer
"It's been a crazy month, but I finally got my daughter's Camellia finished and photographed. I sized it up to fit her, and I think I did a pretty good job. Not perfect, but it'll certainly do."
Falon Robinson
"Mia and Scarlett are wearing Iris dresses and of course have to help choose their own prints, colours and hair accessories these days, watching them excitedly digging through my stash to find what they like so mummy can make them pretties makes my heart so happy 🥰
My girls absolutely loooove having tea parties and decided they wanted to make cupcakes and decorate in an Easter theme for this one!
I really hope their joy and playfulness comes across in these photos because they had so much fun with the whole idea from start to finish ❤️"
Angie Winans
"I challenged myself to make my first Wild Seeds sewing competition entry a complete upcycle (I love upcycling, but don't have a ton of experience with special occasions dresses/fabrics). I had an old prom dress in mind, but when I told my daughter about the competition, and the theme for this month, she asked if I could make her an Alice in Wonderland dress 💙. I loved her idea, and had another old dress I thought could work.
The pattern is Camellia, with Anemone sleeves and a little self-drafting. All the fabric came from an old 2nd hand dress I wore as a costume in a school musical (1996?) and a white shawl my mom had made for me not too long after. The dress had tulle at the bottom that I cut out and reused here. There were times I wasn't sure this dress was going to happen, but now we're in love!!💙"
Savannah Kernodle
"My first Cerise made with a sweet springy chiffon."
Lauren WIlliams 
"I had so much fun creating this Camellia dress!
I’m still very much a beginner at hand embroidery but the Chamomile pattern was so easy to follow and I love how it turned out."
Marran Poole
"Made my first Wild Seeds Pattern and I'm in love. The Dahlia with a double skirt and shoulder ruffles was perfect in this pale green floral print."
Lynette Serfontein 
"A sweet little Cerise dress ready for a princess.
This is the first Cerise that I have made. I decided to upcycle a summer top of mine for the bodice. The eyelet fabric and circle skirt transforms me back to when I was a little girl twirling in my dresses!"
Rachel Lace 
"We're all ready for our Whimsical Garden Tea Party 💕
I'm so happy with have the Anemone turned out in Double Gauze! I lined with a woven cotton to maintain the shape of the bodice and to add some extra body to the skirt."
Anemone- bow option with short sleeve
Fabric- Pink Botanical Double Gauze from Frankie Bear Fabric
Flower Crown- Love Lottee
Jacqueling Wagstaff
"Garden Tea Party themed hack using the Garance skirt pattern." 
Alissa MeryemNolan 
"I made my daughter an Easter themed cerise dress with bell sleeves and full circle skirt.
The bodice is actually a baby grobag (sleep sac) that was recalled and my friend gave it to me thinking I could use the material. I then did some applique on the sleeves from the same fabric. My daughter choose the colour of the snaps at the back.
Cerise dress with bell sleeves and full circle skirt."