How to print your patterns

Download you pattern: 

- Sign into you account by pressing the profile icon on the website 

- Click on your order number 

- Click on download here next to the pattern name 

- Open the A4/Letter File with Adobe Reader download it for free at

- Select print (make sure that "Actual Size" is selected). 

Print page 1 and measure the test square to make sure the size is accurate. 

- Back to the file, click on the layers icon (it looks like a stack of papers) and select the size/s you need. by clicking on the little eyes of the sizes you don't need.


- Select the pages you need to print, there is a guide on page 1 

NOTE: There is a cutting chart included on page 2 for all the rectangles, if you prefer not print these pattern pieces. 


Print the pages you need.