Gather perfectly even ruffles

Step 1

- Use your machines stitch length at its maximum.

- Do not back stitch.

- Stitch one line at 1/4" (0.5cm) from the edge you would like to gather.

- Leave long threads at the end of the stitch.

- Stitch a parallel line at 3/4" (2cm) from the edge.

Step 2 

- Divide your fabric in 4 or 8 parts depending on how long it is. (both the ruffle and the you are sewing the ruffle on to) 

- Mark each quarter or eight with a pin. 

Step 3

- Match the pins on the ruffle and the fabric and pin them together. 

- You will now have long loops to gather into each section. 

Step 4

- Pull on the long loops to gather the ruffle so that each of the loops fits into each section. 

- Adjust the gathers if needed so they are even. 

Step 5

- Change the stitch length back to normal and stitch in between the gathering stitches. 

Step 6 

- Remove the gathering stitches.