Christmas Inspiration

Its the most wonderful time of the year and just because most of us are staying in doesn’t mean we can't dress up!  Here is some beautiful Christmas outfits created with Wild Seeds Patterns 
Aster dress sewn by Kayla Stewart
Anemone Dress with Holly Berry Embroidery by Rachel Crawford
Iris Dress by Shana Symone Quarrie 
Camellia dress 
Navy Velvet Aster Dresses by Megan Turk 
Anemone Dresses with Holly Berry Embroidery by Kendel Walker
Maxi Iris Dress by Belinda Abira
Maxi Iris dress in stretch Velvet
Anemone Wrap Dress worn over the Amaryllis Blouse by Naomi Radunovic
Holly Berry Embroidery by Jess Mullens 
Anemone with added sleeves and Holly Berry Embroidery 
Lily Dress with added bow and double ruffle 
Maxi Iris dress made by Caroline Martinez
Lily Dress with Holly Berry Embroidery by Kelly Draper 
Lily dress featuring Holly Berry Embroidery by Katie Estell