Sewing Competition - Christmas in Paris

This months competition was really close, probably because they are all so creative and chic! A special thank you to all the contestants for your beautiful work I am blown away!


This month's winner is

Laura Hilton - Anemone 
"After the year we had it is hard to believe that almost exactly a year ago I was walking along the Seine, holding Bonnie's hand, watching the Eiffel Tower glitter.
When I think of Paris, I think of white Dior dress coats and twinkling lights.
For my Christmas in Paris creation I took the Anemone wrap dress, turned it around, added some bracelet length sleeves, and turned it into the Anemone wrap coat."
Eva Sharplin - Anemone
"‘Anemone’ was my choice for this occasion - wanted to incorporate some embroidery but came across this gorgeous lace which I couldn’t resist for the bodice so embellished it with some beading and lined it with satin and organza for the longer skirt trimmed with satin ribbon. Still wanted to do some embroidery so sewed up the lil bag and it turned out to be the cutest embroidered accessory to the outfit."
Whitney Wilkerson - Amaryllis
"I took an old school Belle Époche era approach (which honestly took a ton of Googling to learn!) with the Amaryllis top fashioned into a peplum jacket paired with a tutu skirt."
Megan Turk - Amaryllis 
"I had so much fun coming up with this idea, but not so much fun sewing it! This fabric was the worst to work with but I made it through..barely! Lol. This is the Amaryllis pattern, lengthened and with cuffs, and I made the collar a little bigger. My girls were so excited while I was sewing, they kept asking if their special new hats and coats were finished!"


Shana Symone Quarrie - Iris Dress & Garance 

"Oh LaLa Christmas in Paris ...This dress was inspired from the time I spent in Paris during my honeymoon, the stars that sparkle from the Eiffel Tower at night and the black velvet and lace border just scream Tre chic!

I chose the Iris Dress with low scoop back and mashed it with the Garance skirt."
Sarah McKeown - Camellia
"This is the camellia with the pancake tutu option but made slightly longer so it’s more wearable for everyday, because she will wear it everyday."
Falon Robinson - Iris and Marguerite
"I made the new Iris dress in plaid and a knit beret for Scarlett and little matching ones for her dolly."
LaKendria Godson - Garance
"I used the Garance skirt pattern to capture these two personalities for our holiday pictures this year."
Tracey Denlinger - Lily, Freesia & Marguerite
"We used the Lily sleeveless version dress pattern in Plaid Satin Taffeta for little Miss Collette and Miss Aniston. Young Miss Avery is sporting the Freesia Top with an added band in Ivory and Black Furry Knit.
All three are topped off with a Marguerite Beret.
We had such fun with this!"
Carli Rooney - Lily
"Nothing says French to me more than a Tutu Fru Fru. That's why I picked the Lily dress with the tulle ruffles using red and white glitter tulle, for my cheeky ones Christmas Dress."
"Christmas in Paris ....... well in Sydney just hours before many of us were locked down again. We were so lucky to have an opportunity to see the lights and Claris in Paris window displays and of course a visit to Santa.
We just love this special Christmas outfit. The skirt is Garance and the top is a slightly modified Amaryllis blouse to be sleeveless in the heat and humidity.
Elizabeth had fantastic time running around the city and she could not stop twirling to show off the full extent of this double layered skirt."