Celestial Sewing Competition

This months winner is 

Amanda Sargeant 

"I was SO excited for the celestial theme and it totally gave me vibes from my favorite book series.
I made anemone with a maxi dress and sheer sleeves. With some gold accents and buttons. My daughter, Bonnie, totally felt like a princess. She did NOT want to take it off. I am glad to have been able to participate this month! This was SO fun and got the creative juices flowing!"

Juanna Wallace 

"My Heart Warrior 💔 has turned into a Celestial Princess this week.👸🏽
This was our first ever Wild Seeds Challenge, and it was SO much fun! I changed my mind about 3 times before settling on 𝗗𝗮𝗵𝗹𝗶𝗮. I didn’t modify too much…just flipped the skirt upside down, and used the full width of fabric for all layers. I stumbled across sun buttons at Joann’s, and they were the perfect touch 🌞 If you zoom in you can see their faces!"

Samantha Thoms

"Made this dress out from the beautiful Cerise pattern, which I love. I added some length to the skirt and added a tulle layer. My daughter adores this dress and I can barely get her to take it off for the wash."

BJ Benson

"I slightly modified the Camellia pattern to create this amazing piece and I am soooo in love."
Matching mommy version

Naomi Radunovic

'Darling, the Moon is still the Moon in all of it's phases' 🌜🌝
"Dahlia + Primrose + Galaxy Ice Tie Dye
For #wscelestial I've been wanting to try Tie Dye for a while now and the Celestial theme seemed like a great reason to go Galaxy for my little Space Lover. It's been a hard month for her, starting first grade(and all of the sicknesses that have come with it) so she needed something extra special. I used a moon embroidery pattern from Etsy for the bodice of Dahlia. And attached the Primrose skirt. The fabric is a lovely soft Indian Cotton and I used navy, blue, purple and a weakened red dye. In her hair are, of course, bows from the Garden collection with silver glitter foam stars."

Lauren Williams

"My celestial themed dress ✨
I made the Olive dress in a charcoal linen and added gold embroidery along the hem to create a scalloped edge with stars ⭐️⭐️
I paired it with the Orchid head band in the same charcoal linen."

Falon Robinson

"A sweet little pale pink camellia with a star tulle overlay skirt for Mia." 

Angie Winans

"There it is, Wendy! Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning."
The #wscelestial challenge for us meant getting as close as we could to Wendy's nightgown. I used the simple Anemone bodice, shortened and modified to have a boat neck. The sleeves are from Cerise, with a bit of length added to create an elastic casing. I lengthened the Anemone sash/cut on the fold, and added a simple skirt, as well as an enlarged Strawberry Blossom bow for her hair.
I learned that I'm not a nighttime momtographer, lol, but it was fun, and my daughter loves her Wendy nightgown and insisted on sleeping in it tonight when we got home."

Kelly Draper

"This little learner makes my universe rock and learning about stars and planets will be a whole lot more fun with this Amaryllis with added Anemone ruffles to add that little bit of sparkle."

Noah Ruth

"She's still a little growing to do to fit her special tutu's. She's 10months, eats constantly but such a slender little thing like her Dad - not even on the chest measurement chart for 6-9months patterns yet! But I figure it just means everything I make her will fit her and be loved for even longer."

Shannese Lawardorn

Beautiful sketches from Lydia Wagner

I made some Celestial dresses for my two girls as well 
I used the Camellia and Dahlia patterns